Obniżka! Herbata lecznicza RELAX wanilia - 20 saszetek LISBON TEA CO.

Herbata ziołowa RELAX o smaku wanilii - 20 saszetek LISBON TEA CO.


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A soothing, relaxing mixture that, thanks to the use of a unique composition of herbs and melatonin, gently calms down and accelerates falling asleep. Melatonin was used  with a health claim approved by EFSA - European Food Safety Authority.

Preparation method: Use one bag per cup of water. Drink one cup a day, right after your evening meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Preparation: 1 bag per cup of hot water, use two bags per letter of hot water. Infuse 4-5 minutes.

Recommended dose: Take two cups of ready-made infusion daily, preferably between meals. It is not recommended to exceed the daily dose.

NOTE: Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women without consulting a doctor first. The product should not be consumed if you are allergic to any ingredient.

Ingredients: 93.3% Herbal blend (Rooibos, lemon balm, licorice root, Asian basil, chamomile, anise, peppermint, hop and vanilla aromas).

Store in a dry place, in the original packaging, at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees C.

Best before: date on the package.

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